Toddler Classes

Chesterton Montessori Toddler Class

Our environment is prepared for the Toddler, scaled to his/her height and size.  Materials and activities are placed throughout the room for him/her to discover, select, and manipulate.

These activities develop focus, concentration, hand-eye coordination, and fine motor skills.

The freedom to explore and move around the room allows independence and builds self-confidence.


We also share time together as a group for singing and movement, stories and silence.


We spend time outdoors for work and play.


We will no longer offer 3 Day Toddler, as we are expanding our classes. Parents may choose between:

4 Day Toddler, Monday through Thursday from 8:30-11:30

Full Day Toddler, Alternating five day and four day weeks (every other Friday off) from 7:30am-3:00pm.


Parent Child Class

This class offers an opportunity for parents to observe their child within our Montessori environment. This allows the child to be comfortable with the parent at hand, while interacting with the trained Montessori teacher.

Montessori principles are shared through discussion of observations, resulting in learning how to interact with your child in a supportive way.

The focus is on respect, independence, and positive school experience.


Offered periodically during the school year, once a week 9:30 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. on Friday.

“Never help a child with a task at which he feel he can succeed.”