The History of Chesterton Montessori School

Chesterton Montessori School originated in the fall of 1982, in the basement of St. John’s United Church through the interest and efforts of Jim and Terry Cavallo, her family, and Jim and Jane Walsh-Brown. Mrs. Cavallo received her Montessori training in 1974 and prior to establishing the school she taught at the Montessori School of Valparaiso.

The programs Montessori programs grew during the three years at St. John’s and in June of 1986, Chesterton Montessori School began their first Elementary Class for 6-9 year-old’s. The school relocated to the Chesterton Montessori School present country setting on five acres.  The first expansion that occurred for Chesterton Montessori School was in 1988, when we doubled the size of the building and added the Upper Elementary Program for 9-12 year old’s. The year 2000 brought our second expansion when the school once again doubled by 14,000 square feet that was added to the building. This addition houses both Lower and Upper Elementary, a computer lab, a music room and a multi-purpose room that serves as meeting room for our parent’s groups and more.

“The child is both a hope and a promise for mankind.”