Montessori Philosophy

The Chesterton Montessori School philosophy is based on the educational philosophy and pedagogy of Maria Montessori. “Montessori is a system of education which encompasses both a philosophy of the child’s growth and a rationale for guiding such growth. It is based on the child’s developmental needs for freedom within limits and a carefully prepared environment that guarantees exposure to materials and experiences. Through our philosophy children develop intelligence as well as physical and psychological abilities. The Chesterton Montessori School Philosophy is designed to take full advantage of the self-motivation and unique abilities of children to develop their own capabilities. Each child needs adults to expose them to the possibilities in their life, but the child must direct their response to those possibilities.” Paula Polk Lillard.

Each child is to be respected.
Children learn best in an atmosphere of learn and concern.
Children have sensitive periods- times of intense awareness and absorptive skills.
Freedom within limits brings about independence.
The directress, the prepared environment of materials, and the child compose a working triad.
The directress is more a facilitator than an active instructor, and serves as a link between the child and means of development.